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Delivery and returns

Delivery is available for all items purchased from The Worm Farm.
Delivery charges will apply and normally run between $80.00 – $140.00 per trucking hour. Our delivery fee is calculated on a round trip basis, plus loading and unloading time. Please provide us with your exact delivery address or just call us for a quote.

A 14 yard (14,000 lb.) delivery can be made using an F550.  A 20 yard delivery normally requires a 15 ton truck.  A 40 yard delivery requires a transfer truck or trucks with belt, walking floor trailers.  A 50 yard delivery requires a belt trailer, depending on location and moisture content. We can deliver multiple transfers per day or on an “as-needed” basis.

Call us for details or to get an estimate on totes and long distance delivery options.

Tips for a successful delivery.
  • Have an 11′ high by 11′ wide clearance if receiving loads via 10 wheeler and/or transfer. Obstructions could cause delays in delivery times.
  • Have a direct path, cleared of all debris, to the unloading site.
  • Let us know of any bridges that need to be crossed en-route to the drop off site.
  • Transfer trucks need a 20′ turn-around area. If there is not enough room on your property for the truck to turn around, let us know where the closest transfer spot is near your property.
  • Rainy weather can cause many delays. The trucks cannot leave gravel or hard top while the ground remains wet.  If they will be dumping on grass or dirt, rescheduling the delivery will eliminate any unforeseen complications.  Keep in mind – these trucks are heavy!
  • Provide clear and accurate directions to your property. This is especially important for anyone that does not have a distinct delivery address.
  • Provide a valid, working phone number where we can easily reach you in case there should be any questions regarding your delivery.
  • Provide an additional phone number if possible in case we are unable to reach you on your primary telephone number.

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